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Minecraft 1.16.4 Java Edition

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How to Play (Minecraft Java Edition)

This server features a custom game mode inspired by “Crawl” where Heroes explore dungeons while fighting monsters controlled by Ghosts. Each dungeon has progressive levels with custom loot and bosses. Custom artifacts spawn on the final level that must be collected.

Ghosts play in spectator mode with the ability to possess all mobs and monsters. Ghosts must kill a hero, in order to become a hero. Ghosts can unlock artifacts as well as spawn and upgrade monsters using experience levels.

Heroes play in survival mode and must defeat dungeon levels in order to win. Heroes are able to purchase custom kits, items and enchantments using experience levels. Heroes are also able to craft custom spells.

Players have access 50+ custom items, kits, effects, artifacts, charms, and more! Everything costs experience levels, so spend wisely! Charms have very unique effects and lore, most need to be equipped to the offhand slot to take effect. Heroes should also be on the look out for beds, anvils and brewing stands while going through dungeons. These are normally found on the first level. Ghosts are able to unlock and upgrade artifacts with unique monster bosses and more, likewise cost experience levels. To see more information regarding crafting recipes for spells, use the command /recipes while in game.

Gamemode Commands

Hero Commands

If a hero dies they will respawn as a ghost in spectator mode that can possess mobs and monsters. The hero’s goal is to make it to The End and slay the ender dragon by collecting enough artifacts inside the final level of the dungeons. The hero to slay the dragon will be allowed to possess it as ghost! Heroes are able to purchase custom weapons and more at spawn in exchange for experience levels. Heroes are also able to craft custom spells using raw materials.

Ghost Commands

If a ghost is able to kill a hero, they will take the hero’s place and inventory and the fallen hero will re-spawn as ghost. Ghosts spawn in spectator mode and can possess mobs by right clicking on them. To use a mob’s ability, sneak whilst left clicking. Ghosts can also spawn and upgrade monsters using experience levels using the artifacts menu.

Server Updates